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A Personal Planner for the Mac.

Connect everyday actions with your goals.

Download Lighthouse Planner on the Mac app store.

One payment of $35

Transform Goals into Actionable Plans.

You can start by defining your overarching goals and break them down into increasingly specific notes & actions.

This system adapts to your personal style, allowing precise management of your projects with the level of detail you prefer.

Give Meaning to
Everyday Actions.

Connect your daily tasks with long-term goals.

Visualizing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly objectives on one screen transforms routine tasks into strategic milestones, adding depth and motivation to every action.

Tailor-Made Workflows.

Create notebooks with customizable widgets tailored to your needs. Each widget offers diverse display options to visualize your data uniquely.

Enjoy intuitive and fun customization as you organize.

Establish Effective Productivity Rituals.

Morning review of the day ahead, weekly & monthly reflection on your achievements. These rituals are vital for ongoing personal and professional growth.

Our tools are designed to help you nurture these rituals, ensuring that you always have the right information when you need it most.

Clear Your Mind by Capturing Your To-do's.

Record all your tasks in one place. Use drag-and-drop to prioritize, categorize, and schedule each item effortlessly.

Swiftly transform chaos into order, enjoying the calm of everything organized.

No subscriptions.

Buy once, enjoy forever.

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Lighthouse Planner

Visually organize your
time, goals & focus.

Download Lighthouse Planner on the Mac App Store.


  • Offline first, no internet required.
  • Data backed up with iCloud.
  • Native & performant application.
  • To-do's management.
  • Time-bound notes.
  • Habit tracking.
  • Time tracking.

Not included

  • Sharing. This is a personal planner.